What we do

Hill Country Account Services provides daily cash management services for small businesses and individuals at a location convenient for you. Our services include financial​ document organization, statement reconciliation, and accounts receivable/payable management. We also review budgets and banking services. We can refer you to a professional if you require legal or financial planning advice.

What drives us

The financial world has become more complex and the amount of information can be overwhelming. Financial advisors and accountants specialize in the big picture. We help to bridge the gap by ensuring daily activities match your objectives.

Our advantage

Our services are provided by an experienced treasury professional. As members of the Austin Association for Financial Professionals and American Association of Daily Money Managers, we are committed to maintaining the highest level of quality and ethical standards.  

An early indication of where Anita would find her niche, while other elementary-aged children saved money to buy a toy, she purchased a book about the stock market. It proved a very challenging read. After exploring careers in math, science, and design as an undergraduate at the University of Texas at Austin, Anita returned to her original choice of a business degree with an emphasis in finance. Of particular interest was small business and personal financial management.


Upon completion of her studies, Anita made the bold move to live on the east coast. People from other areas of the country may not understand how this was a bold move, but if you are from Texas, the question is why would you ever want to leave? A relocation package helped. During her almost two decades in the greater New York area, she enjoyed four seasons of equal length and established herself as a corporate treasury professional. With a calm demeanor and an ability to remain focused under strenuous circumstances, Anita managed transactions and short-term liquidity for AT&T and, later, Siemens. Although professionally focused on corporate finance, Anita assisted acquaintances and friends with identifying their financial positions and creating realistic budgets.


A desire to be closer to family and ditch the snow shovel led to the decision to leave. Now back in Texas, Anita offers her treasury experience and skills to assist business owners and individuals.  After all, financial transactions have become riskier, more complicated and time consuming.


Anita is delighted to serve as Treasurer for Austin Ad Fed. As Treasurer, she is responsible for financial planning, budgeting and reporting so that the organization can succeed in supporting innovation in Austin’s communication arts industry.

As a member of the Austin Association for Financial Professionals and the American Association of Daily Money Managers, Anita stays on top of issues related to the daily financial needs of businesses and individuals.  Additionally, she is a member of the South Austin Business Association.