For Busy Individuals

Life is hectic. Is managing your daily finances taking time away from more enjoyable activities?

Hill Country Account Services can help you gain more time for the things you would rather be doing. After listening to what level of involvement you want to have with regards to your daily finances, we will create a money management system tailored for you.

We can build a system that is paper and/or online based, according to your preference, and  incorporate automatic bill payment where it makes sense. We will help you become comfortable using the financial tools you prefer, providing as much time as you need to feel at ease, or you can choose to have us continue to provide assistance on an ongoing basis. Most important, we will help you gain control of your time.

Hill Country Account Services can:

  • Organize and manage your daily finances
  • Produce regular reports on your financial picture
  • Monitor bank and credit card statements and resolve errors
  • Track expenses
  • Computerize your finances, setting up online bill-paying or automatic bill payment
  • Develop a household budget that meets your immediate and long-term goals
  • Organize paperwork for tax preparation
  • Maintain your financial records